A short introduction to the music I composed for the short film Esencia (Juan Gil Competition).

Summer Breeze

Some light summer breeze music I wrote and dubbed against a Facebook Starbucks ad

A Day in Zurich

A beautiful Film about Zurich (Switzerland) by Jan Knuesel & Stephan Knuesel featuring some sentimental & soft piano music.

The Dark Valley

An orchestra sized symphonic score for a short scene I wrote for the Wiener Filmmusik Preis 2015. With kind approval of Allegro Film GmbH.

Mr. Jackson

Score music for a set of pictures of an American 70's movie story.

Goodnight Mommy (1st Price)

My music I wrote for the Wiener Filmmusik Preis 2016. With kind approval of Ulrich Seidl Film Produktion GmbH.

Die Hölle

A rescored underwater scene from the Austrian film production 'Die Hölle - Inferno' (2017).

The Italian Chef

A promotion video for Restaurante 21 (Porto, Portugal) I wrote some light bistro music for. Produced by Bruno Ribiero.

Halloween Medley

A little halloween piece with a spooky, playful vibe.

AKI - Short 2D Animation

An animated thriller short film I scored for a competition late 2015. Produced by Kimberley Rey for her final year at the university of Hertfordshire.

Sonokinetic - 2016 Composing Awards

A cinematic war themed movie trailer for Brothers in Honor I scored music to. With kind approval of Sonokinetic BV.